The Ramadhan youth camp is tailored for our youth between the ages of 13yrs – 18yrs. From
among the objectives of this camp is the realignment of intentions of the acts of worship in this
blessed month. Other objectives of the camp is to instill in our youth the virtues of the month of
Ramadhan, its significance, and importance. As one of the pillars of our religion falls within that
month, it is important that the youth are aware of what Ramadhan is, why we fast in this month
and its significance in the life of a Muslim.
The camp will focus on instilling qualities of patience, perseverance, compassion, and hope for
the reward of Allah. The camp also hopes to assist the youth in building a relationship with this
month of worship and maintain their level of iman throughout the rest of the year.

1. To imbue a good understanding and relationship with the month of Ramadhan
2. Realignment of intentions for the acts of worship done in Ramadhan
3. To strengthen the bond of ukhuwah of the brothers
4. To assist the youth in maintaining their level of iman after Ramadhan

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